Baltimore Breakups: A Pop-Up Memoir Zine is a 5-page pop-up publication designed and written by Julia Arredondo. Illustrating her most memorable romantic breakups while living in Baltimore, Arredondo designed this publication as part of her residency at the Jaffe Center for Book Arts in Boca Raton, Florida.

Baltimore Breakups is photocopy printed and assembled by hand, and is saddle stitch bound on heavy cover stock.




" I give this the Kickass Zine Award! ...I was thrilled when I found it in the pile when I got home. I can imagine her cutting, gluing, and touching up each one. There is something lost with the ease of most zines put out today, my own included, where the handmade feel has been replaced with layouts done from a desktop. These are peanut butter and jelly made by mom—it’s love in a pop-up zine. She writes well and I want her to have more heartbreak so there is a part two, maybe a St. Louis issue or any other city she has lived in. I crush Baltimore Breakups and Julia Arredondo."

- Ethan Minsker of


"Vice Versa’s newest release, Baltimore Breakups: A Pop-up Memoir, is at once both a heartfelt story and an object of wonder – 5 photocopy printed, hand cut and assembled pop-up pages, all saddle stitch bound – chronicling a city of love and heartbreak, complete with a brand new bevy of hoodlums and thugs."

-Critical Superbeast