Guide to Dating Gangsters Vol. 1 was completed in 2010 and was re-issued as a bootleg in 2016.

Guide to Dating Gangsters Vol. 1 delves into the romantic realms of DJ's, traditional thugs, skinheads, bikers, art school kids, and crust punks for a brief overview of contemporary dating Do's and Don'ts within each subculture. Written and designed by Julia Arredondo.




"Vice Versa offers up a stolen-chocolate-bar-and-a-six-pack style luv guide - not just to gangsters but to practically any subculture with an ounce of stamina in the badass department. Thugs,  Bikers, Crusts, Skins - even Art School Kids and DJs make the cut somehow. That's amore"

-EF (Maximum Rocknroll)


"A quick read; the title of this zine says it all.  The author, Vice Versa, explains the lifestyles and personalities of traditional thugs, biker gangs, DJs, art school kids, crust punks, and skinheads.  She does this with detailed background information on each group, as well as plenty of funny photos, cut and paste style on peach-colored paper.  I really enjoyed checking it out.  Definitely worth inquiring about." 

–Nighthawk (Razorcake Magazine)