Styling the class war since 2010.

Vice Versa Press began as a zine publishing entity in 2010, and eventually transformed into the budding lifestyle brand you see today. Vice Versa Press was on hiatus from 2018-2020, but we are now revamping the business to expand both our product line and our message.

Created as an outlet to distribute affordable alternative goods, Vice Versa Press takes pride in its DIY ethic and commitment to keeping products ethically made. Rooted in working-class labor practices, but striving to explore alternative methods of countercultural dissemination under capitalism; Vice Versa Press is a small, femme-run operation that explores class representation in the creative industry.

Vice Versa Press production studios are currently located in Chicago, Illinois. This is the entrepreneurial debut of artist, Julia Arredondo. For more information about Julia, please visit www.JuliaArredondo.com.

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